Since I began this blog as a means of sharing and inspiring creative efforts – be they art, writing, crafting, sewing, cooking, cooking, or cooking – I though a little update on that front would be in order.  I must confess that in the wake of Mark Bittman Month, I’ve been pretty uneven on the cooking front – sticking pretty much with the old and new familiars.  (But I’m discovering from casual conversation with those around me that just cooking is more adventurous than average.)  I did bake a banana cake with white chocolate buttercream icing from The Cake Bible for my friend Ann’s birthday.  It was my first attempt at buttercream, and it did turn out well.  And, incidentally, it goes straight to the top of the Beyond Decadent food list.

Since my daughter Rachel is getting married in June, I turned my efforts to a sewing project.  I made dresses for her soon-to-be daughters, who will be flower girls in the wedding.  (I thought it was interesting that they chose this designation over junior bridesmaid.)  Frannie and Lucy are fraternal twins and are six years old – and adorable.  It was great fun making their princess dresses.  Because I wanted the dresses to have it all, it was a challenging project, but it helped that I had the consultation services of my friend Sarah, an excellent and well-equipped seamstress.  Here’s a picture of the dresses.  I’ll share another filled with little girls at a later date.

I just recently completed a gardening project that was long in the planning.  It’s a flower bed around the edges of my screened-in porch.  Now I can gaze upon beautiful flowers while sitting in my favorite room.

Well, I’m hoping that this justified my creative existence for now.

Apropos of nothing, I’m headed off to see a matinee of The Avengers this afternoon.  I love superheroes – and Robert Downey, Jr.   Fun!!