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snow dayWith apologies to Bostonians, linemen, snow removal services and mail carriers, I must admit that I love a snow day.  Maybe it’s because my entire life has been spent in education – getting it, giving it – and and inside me is that little kid who just wants to sleep in and then curl up with a good book and watch the weather through the window.  And only a little part of me is that kid who wants to put on boots and mittens and go play in it.  Well…not much of me  at all.

I’m retired now, so in theory every day should be a snow day if I want it to be, right?  But I still need some sort of permission (excuse) to just spend a day in the house doing whatever pleases me.  If school hadn’t been canceled today, I’d be planning and preparing for then going to the Boys and Girls Club this afternoon to do a cooking class, as I do most Wednesdays.  Retired or not, life usually has a great deal of structure. So, snow.  Permission granted to spend the morning reading in my PJs.  I have all sorts of chores and projects circling around waiting for me to begin them, but I feel like I can pick whichever ones I want and my day will still be lazy and illuminated in that lovely grayish-white snow light that gives one permission to just be.

Maybe tomorrow the weather will be just as good, er, I mean bad….   Sorry, Bostonians, linemen, snow removal services and mail carriers.