Because I’m pretty compulsive about balance, I felt the need to post something about days five through seven of the Blogging 101 challenge.  Day five’s assignment was to play with themes and change the theme of our blog, should we desire to do so.  I did change my theme, and I like this one – although it’s not dramatically different than the earlier one.  I like that it’s simple and not distracting, but I prefer its fonts and general appearance.

Today I completed the day six and seven assignments.  I’ll get these two knocked out in short order! The day six assignment sounded simple enough: create or spruce up our About page.   WOAH!  It may have sounded simple, but I’m a little embarrassed to report that it took me most of the day to come up with mine.  I just had too many thoughts and it was hard to get them focused and to make them seductive enough to actually be read.

For day seven we were to create and add a header image or a text widget. Since I already have a header image, I chose the widget option, but first I had to learn what a widget was and how to make it happen.  The result is the little descriptor you see on the top of the left column.  I hope it rocks your world!

Done blogging for the day.  Now on to today’s next task.  It’s now 4:40 PM, and as soon as I get dressed, I can go to number two on the list. Once again, proof for my conviction that things always take longer than you think they will.  Waaaaay longer.