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…and nothing says Spring like the first crocus.

flowers-2-101In my part of the country, Southwest Indiana, spring can drag its feet, but it usually arrives some time in March.  March can also be dreary, rainy, cold and stubborn.  But as soon as the sun peeks out and temperatures rise a little, up pop the crocuses.  Mine are almost buried under the encroaching underbrush of the woods behind my house.  But sure enough, they poked their little heads through the dead leaves today just in time for the official first day of spring.  Green is coming!

flowers-2-100Funny, Day 11 of Blogging 101, which BTW I’m doing a few days late, instructed us to reply to a prompt in the Daily Post.  I went there looking for the writing prompt and saw the daily photography prompt, which was Fresh.  Immediately the photos I had taken this morning of my crocuses popped into my head.  So here they are.  I’m doing a happy dance. (No picture of that available.)