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jellybeansIt’s Easter Sunday today, and since my children are grown, my grandchildren are far away, and I am not religious, it’s just another Sunday for me. However, having been raised in the Christian tradition, or more specifically, the Catholic tradition, I can’t help but think about what I am not celebrating. I do not embrace Christianity or any other specific religion.  On the other hand, I don’t fully embrace atheism, either. While I do not believe in an omnipotent god who created, controls, or interacts in the affairs of the material world, I do believe in individual and collective spiritual reality. I also believe in good and evil and that both are present in the world and engaged in ongoing battles.  I hold many beliefs, yet do not have nor feel the need for a “belief system.”   I think that once you put a name to something, it is definable and limited.  My beliefs are constantly changing and growing as I live and learn.

So now that we’ve examined the tip of my personal philosophy iceberg, back to Easter!  In addition to its religious traditions, it also signifies spring!  A rebirth, growing, green, blooming!  And, unfettered sugar!  So, today I give myself permission to eat as many as I wish of the jelly beans given to me by my lovely sister who knows I love them and to anticipate the caramel dark chocolate bar given by my other loving sister.  Both of these people embrace all aspects of the holiday, and I thank them for sharing the sugar side with me.