Here’s my little conspiracy theory.  I’m hoping it’s just sick and paranoid.  Our current President has been likened to Hitler or any other similar dictator.  There are those who believe, not without ample indicators, that in his heart he is an autocrat.  So here comes Covid-19.  His first attempts at “Never in MY America” were failing.  Damn it! Now if he were a rational person he would have taken a moment to regroup and (re)evaluate.  But that’s not his way. Fortunately, he has advisors who say, “Donny, if you ignore this and many people get sick and die, your chances of being re-elected will be in the dumpster.  On the other hand, if you take charge and institute drastic measures, you’ll be remembered as the President who led his country through one of its greatest crises in history.” [Now, let’s not lean too heavily on the veracity of their claim, just stick with me.]  So Donald thinks for a moment. [I know.  Just try to imagine that scenario.] A lightbulb goes off over his head.  Now he can order people to do exactly what he wants them to do!  And they’ll all have to do it.  And when the crisis is over, they’ll all be in line.  Right where he wants them.  Personal freedom?  Balderdash!  I’m in charge here. Mission accomplished!

On a more personal level, what will I do with all my time as I shelter in place (see previous post)?  I thought I’d compile a completely random list of possibilities.  Since it will be a document in flux as ideas enter my head, I’ll start the list as a separate entry.