Image result for list So, I decided that while I’m confined to home my sanity and productivity would benefit  by having a list of possible projects and activities to keep me active and entertained.  As a side note, I saw a post on Facebook from someone who is keeping herself in order by creating a loose general block schedule to shape her days.  While I’m not always terribly organized with my time or particularly self-disciplined, I thought that was a pretty cool idea.  It’s related to this listing idea, but less specific.  So, I see another organizing post in my future.  For now, let’s start with the list.  Just as a means of self-encouragement, I’ll begin with items I’ve already completed.  Note: Items on this list are in addition to (and sometimes instead of) regular household routines like getting up, eating, doing dishes, etc. This is an ever changing document.

check-transparentBravo!  Done!

  • Clean debris from front and back yard
  • Clean rug on patio
  • Prepare and file taxes
  • Start blogging again

Image result for check box

Yet to Be Done

  • Keep blogging!
  • Season my new wok (more laborious than you’d think!)
  • Sort through and organize file drawers
  • Sort through and organize desk clutter
  • Sew table runners for Anne
  • Sew pillow covers for Anne
  • Download and edit photos from camera
  • Complete the online photo classes I’m signed up for
  • Do some art
  • Clean outdoor furniture