Easter: A Cake for my Bunnies

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote a post.  Time flies in spite of spending most of it home alone!  I’ve found that I’m very good at finding ways to while away time.  Some of them are more productive than others, but I’m learning that when I feel like I’ve done nothing, I’ve, of course, been doing something.  So, reading the news on my phone or catching up with people on email or Facebook isn’t necessarily wasting time.  It’s just that the floor is still dusty, or the dishes are still in the dishwasher, or Hitchens’ Arguably is till unread.  But who cares?  If these things are important, they’ll be taken care of eventually.


I’ve worked several jigsaw puzzles in the past few weeks.  I can really get into the zone for hours at a time on these.  Again, could be considered a trivial use of time, but they’re good for the brain and help prevent dwelling on the angst of current events.

Another, perhaps more productive, way I’ve found to become fully absorbed is sewing.  I really love the creative aspects of sewing, and you actually have something to show for your efforts.  I’ve made protective face masks for family and friends and cloth napkins for Rachel and family, since they use them for every meal and three meals a day for six people generates a lot of washing.


***Complete Randomness***


  • google doodle Covid

    Today’s Google Doodle

  • The other morning I woke up and looked around thinking, I’m surrounded by rectangles.  Thank goodness for my oval vanity mirror.  But really, in human construction the rectangle seems to be by far the most common shape. Not so in nature.  Maybe that’s why architecture like the Guggenheim Museum is so appealing.
  • I’ve been having lots of strange and complex dreams.  For a while I thought it was from the pain medication I was taking for my knee replacement, but I haven’t taken any for several weeks and am still having weird dreams.  I think it’s just because I’m awake off and on all night because of pain and stiffness in my leg caused by lying in one position for too long.  My surgery was six months ago and my mobility is good, but I’m not out of the discomfort woods yet.  They say it can take a year, so I’ll wait another six months before I start worrying about that.
  • They say that the stay at home and other distancing measures are “flattening the curve” of the Corona virus spread.  This makes it sound like the measures aren’t resulting in fewer cases, just spreading them over a longer time period.  I don’t understand why it wouldn’t mean that there would be fewer sick  and dying people.  I need to do some research.  Maybe I’m not understanding the math, or the concept.

April in Albuquerque: Poppies


…and Snow