This week I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon.  In an effort to combine photographic and exercise goals, I drove down to Central Avenue to wander and to photograph the art and architecture of Route 66.  This historic highway is an important part of Albuquerque’s history and there are many relics of the motels, restaurants, and businesses of its heyday.  Some are repurposed, some are derelict.  This stretch of the old highway goes through Albuquerque’s downtown and Nob Hill districts and there is also much public art from the present era on the buildings.

It was a beautiful day, mild temperatures and those unsurpassed New Mexico blue skies with just enough clouds to make it potographically perfect.  And a photographer’s dream: few people or vehicles.  In fact the traffic on the drive down and back and on Central Avenue was eerily sparse.  This, of course, is the two-edged sword of the Covid-19 restrictions.  The businesses were closed.  The ART busses weren’t running. It was a rare opportunity for uncluttered photographs, but sad and ominous.

As an added bonus, I listened to classic country music on the drive – windows down, excellent stereo in the new Prius. I do love the older country music, although some of it is a little culturally dated, like Willie Nelson singing Good Hearted Woman, followed by Johnny Cash and June Carter’s rendition of It Ain’t Me Babe.  Now if it the “me” in the latter song were June instead of Johnny, that one would have been fixed.

The photos below represent only the few blocks that I walked.  I plan to do this again on another section of the road.

Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-45

The DeAnza Motor Lodge repurposed for office space.

Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-2

Behind the DeAnza is a modern gated apartment complex.

Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-3

Decor on the repurposed DeAnza Motor Lodge

Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-10Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-13

Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-14

Area Rapid Transit Sign

Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-16-EditCentral Ave Rt 66-04-2020-20Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-22-EditCentral Ave Rt 66-04-2020-27-2Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-27Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-28Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-47Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-51-Edit-EditCentral Ave Rt 66-04-2020-64Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-66Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-49Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-57Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-59Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-60Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-82

Central Ave Rt 66-04-2020-91

Quiet ART Station

Central Avenue Uninhabited